Thursday 29 august 4 29 /08 /Aug 01:34

blondefuckbookkI know, I know, not another Fuckbook site. What's the deal with all of these anyways? Well sit back and let me help you understand the popularity and differences between these sites.


You've seen the ads and I'm sure you've clicked on a few. The difference between all of these sites is usually the backing database of members. Most of them are fairly new and because of that, you can run into lots of them that have little to no real members, especially women. How can you know if you've found the right ones?


The best thing to look for is if the site has something more than just pictures of women. Are there dating tips? Relationship advice? These kinds of things means that the site owner is looking to do more than just push people to a datng site - they are looking to helpt hem out. 


My favorite thing to do is head over to a popular one like Fbook of Sex and do a search in my area. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone I knew on there and got to read all about the dirty parts of their lives!

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Tuesday 5 june 2 05 /06 /Jun 02:38

blondefuckbookkIf you’ve been anywhere on the internet that you see naked people then you’ve definitely seen an ad or two about a website called Fuckbook and like most people you’ve wondered to yourself what Fuckbook is. This article hopes to answer that question for you so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to sign up and become a member yourself.


The Fuckbook is a website for people who are bored or feeling a little tense and need to get their release sexually. Usually this comes with lots of strings attached and for regular sex people need to do things with each other and spend time and money with each other, something that can really get in people’s ways and really give them no time for much else. With a website like this one you can meet people that aren’t interested in all those attached strings, people that want the same thing that you do: sex.


Some other awesome features of the site include people posting their pictures and videos up for anyone to see, pictures and videos that would be taken off of Facebook in a heartbeat. You also get to be involved in communities of people and groups of people that love to talk to each other and give each other advice on using the site to its full potential.


Ready to sign up or at least give the website a try? Just go to and click on sign up for free to get started. Good luck and enjoy!

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Monday 12 march 1 12 /03 /Mar 05:48

blondefuckbookk When it comes to dating online there are many ways you can go about things. One of those ways is to sign up to a dating website that lets you look for people that are searching for their soul mate online. Usually the people you talk to on these kinds of sites aren’t looking for a mainly sexual relationship and they are usually looking for something more long term.


The other way to go about online dating is to use a website like the Fuckbook. What these sites do is put in touch people who are looking for a more sexual relationship. Sometimes that means meeting up and having sex on the first date and other times it means talking about your fetishes early on when you are dating but one thing is clear, sex is not a taboo on these sites like it is on others.


So it is up to you to decide what kind of dating site is better for you. Are you looking for something long term or something where you meet up quick and really get to know each other quick? If it’s the second then you need to check out the Fuckbook of Sex at

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Friday 20 january 5 20 /01 /Jan 10:21

When you are browsing the internet and especially when you go to the naughtier parts of it you might be coming across advertisements for sites like Fuckbook. I’m sure you ask yourself every time what the Fuckbook could be but like most people you’re a little hesitant to click on random ads. blondefuckbookk.jpg


Well the time is here for you to visit your first Fuckbook site and see why so many sites are advertising it. When it comes to dating online and especially sex dating, there is no better website to go to and to find people on. You’ll be amazed at how many people are using sites like these and even more amazed at how many of them you see and talk to in your everyday life. There used to be a time when people didn’t like to use the internet for dating but Facebook came along and changed that completely. Now it is almost mandatory that people have a Facebook account and because of that more people are using dating sites because they are so similar.


If you are one of those few people who haven’t tried a Fuckbook type website yet then just click on and see a list of all the girls in your area that have been waiting to meet a guy just like you.

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Sunday 4 december 7 04 /12 /Dec 13:40

So it's Friday or Saturday night and you're bored, and you want to see if you can hook up with a girl. There are a few things you can try. First of all you can call around and see if you can find one but the odds of you finding one that is both good borednlonely.jpg looking and ready to go out that night is slim. The next thing you can do is hit up Facebook where you'll find tons of girls that are willing to go out on a date, but not that many that are willing to go out on a date just for sex. That's where sites like Fuckbook come in. When you visit a site like, you're seeing girls that are all ready for sex and they're craving it that night. You don't have to worry with doing the right things and sending the wrong signals, when you meet a girl on these Fuckbook type sites then there is no mistaking what both of you want to do with your time together.


Don't believe me? Try one out for yourself, head over to Fuckbook or the Facebook of Sex to see the girls and try to snag one in your area. Enjoy!

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