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  • Why Fuckbook is Taking Over

    19 September 2011 ( #Fuckbook )

    I'm sure if you've been browsing the web then you've seen all the ads out there about sites called Fuckbook. If you actually look into it, Fuckbook can refer to lots of websites like Join Fuckbook or the Facebook of Sex. No matter what, the basics are...

  • Finding Local Dates Online

    04 December 2011 ( #Fuckbook )

    So it's Friday or Saturday night and you're bored, and you want to see if you can hook up with a girl. There are a few things you can try. First of all you can call around and see if you can find one but the odds of you finding one that is both good looking...

  • The Fuckbook You've Been Hearing About

    20 January 2012 ( #Fuckbook )

    When you are browsing the internet and especially when you go to the naughtier parts of it you might be coming across advertisements for sites like Fuckbook. I’m sure you ask yourself every time what the Fuckbook could be but like most people you’re a...

  • The Fuckbook You've Been Waiting For

    12 March 2012 ( #Fuckbook )

    When it comes to dating online there are many ways you can go about things. One of those ways is to sign up to a dating website that lets you look for people that are searching for their soul mate online. Usually the people you talk to on these kinds...

  • The Fuckbook Takes Over Online Dating

    05 June 2012 ( #Fuckbook )

    If you’ve been anywhere on the internet that you see naked people then you’ve definitely seen an ad or two about a website called Fuckbook and like most people you’ve wondered to yourself what Fuckbook is. This article hopes to answer that question for...

  • Battle of the Fuckbooks

    29 August 2013 ( #Fuckbook )

    I know, I know, not another Fuckbook site. What's the deal with all of these anyways? Well sit back and let me help you understand the popularity and differences between these sites. You've seen the ads and I'm sure you've clicked on a few. The difference...


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